Apple Pay integration



Apple Pay is a wallet which allows Apple users to pay with an Apple terminal.

The end-user saves a card in the application and then can pay with the device online.

It involves redirecting the cardholder to finalize its transaction.


Upon receipt of EXECCODE = 0002 in the synchronous response, you must redirect the cardholder to the URL pointed by the REDIRECTURL parameter.

After validating the payment, the cardholder is redirected to the REDIRECT_URL.

The result of the transaction will also be transmitted by HTTP notification. (See the specifics of the notification)

Basic Workflow

Apple Pay Workflow

  1. End-user orders on merchant website and chooses Apple Pay payment method;
  2. An order will be created in Dalenys;
  3. The end-user will be redirected to the payment page;
  4. To validate the payment, the end-user only has to authenticate on his device and a token will be sent to Dalenys;
  5. Dalenys processes the transaction with Apple Pay by sending a request to the bank network and waits for the result;
  6. You receive the result with the response redirection request;
  7. The transaction result is confirmed by a notification request sent to the merchant’s NOTIFICATION_URL, containing the transaction’s parameters (of which EXECCODE and TRANSACTIONID).

Compatible operations and options