Notifier API



The Notifier API is a new product that allows you to receive notifications whenever an event happens on our platform:

  • Transaction is processed
  • Fraudulent transaction is identified
  • Report availability

The notification can happen either through an email or an HTTP message.

An API Reference is available to facilitate your integration.


You can also manage your subscriptions through our Cockpit :

  • Sandbox:
  • Production:

Contact your operational manager to get access !

Login to the service

The Notifier API is part of our new API accessible through the following URLs:

  • Sandbox:
  • Production:

First, you will need to authenticate through our Authentication API to get an access_token.

Notifier API Concept

List available events - Definitions

A definition represents an event we expose.

The definition resource is read only.

See Definition Object for more details.

Subscriptions - Receivers

A receiver represents a subscription on which you can setup what you would like to be notified about and how.

A receiver contains the following informations:

  • A name for your subscription
  • Events you want to subscribe to
  • A method of communication, email or webhook
  • For webhooks the url, media type and security information
  • An email to notify you when we exhaust the number of retries on notifications

You can have multiple receiver.

See Receiver Object for more details.

Setup and security

When you create or update a webhook receiver you have the option to provide headers that will be added along when we send a notification to your server.

The headers property allows you to add any custom headers. The secretHeaders property allows you to add any authentication header. All values provided in this property are encrypted and won’t be visible after creation / update. We advise you to use Basic and Bearer authentication for security purpose.


A notification represents the event and the ressource involved in it.

A notification contains the following informations:

  • the id of the definition
  • the id of your receiver
  • the different attempts to contact your webhook or email
  • the status of the notification

See Notification Object for more details.

Retry notifications

A notification is automaticaly retried if it couldn’t be delivered. If we couldn’t reach you after all retries have been exhausted you can manually resend one or more notification.

Notifications Status

  • PENDING: The notification is ongoing
  • COMPLETED: The notification has been sent
  • FAILED: The notification has been unsuccessfully sent