Export services


The export service allow you to get CSV-formatted transaction or chargeback listings via WEB HTTPS REST services.

With these functions you’ll be able to retrieve all the parameters (columns) for a given set of transaction. Refer to the: dedicated exportable columns appendice.

All exports can be sent as zipped CSV files, to an email or to a CALLBACKURL.

Presentation of the different data export webservices


This function allows you to find one or multiple transactions using the TRANSACTIONID or ORDERID.

getTransaction page.


This function allows you to gather a list of transactions for a given day or month based on the operation date.

exportTransactions page


This function allows you to gather a list of chargebacks for a given day or month based on the chargeback’s receipt date.

exportChargeBacks page


This function allows you to gather the consolidated financial reconciliation for a given day or month.

exportReconciliation page


This function allows you to gather the reconciled transactions for a given period based on the paid date.

exportReconciliedTransactions page

Columns to export

For each export, the COLUMNS parameter indicates the parameters to export.


You can export up to 35 columns in each export request. You have to seperate each parameters with a semi-colon (;).




In case the parameter COLUMNS is omitted, the default template will be exported (please see the dedicated section in your dashboard).

Please refer to (the available columns appendix)


By default, this service will return data from only one Dalenys account.

It is possible to group the data of multiple accounts by adding the optional SCOPE parameter:

  • SCOPE=CLIENT to receive the data from all your technical accounts;

  • SCOPE=CLIENTSGROUP to receive the data from all your clients.

Using the SCOPE parameter requires specific credentials, please contact your account manager if you need them.


For example, to get the data from the A1 and A2 accounts, you must indicate SCOPE=CLIENT, and use the CLIENT level’s credentials.

List of exportable columns

You can find all exportable columns from a transaction: dedicated exportable columns appendice.