Reconciled transactions export integration


This function allows you to gather the reconciled transactions for a given period based on the paid date.

In this mode, you have to send a POST request containing your order’s parameters over HTTPS to the Dalenys platform.

In case of successful request, the results will be sent in a compressed CSV file to a callback URL or to an email (depending on whether the parameter MAILTO or CALLBACKURL is used).

Refer to the: dedicated exportable columns appendice.

Example of exportReconciledTransactions

Here is a server to server request example:

$> curl --request POST --url "" \
--data "method=exportReconciledTransactions" \
--data "params[COMPRESSION]=zip" \
--data "params[DATE]=2019-03-07" \
--data "params[HASH]=15477dcb8687adf90fa51e418f3c1a2d025f40b177a978c2734514734633b3c4" \
--data "params[MAILTO]" \
--data "params[OPERATIONTYPE]=exportReconciledTransactions" \
--data "params[VERSION]=3.0" \


  • CALLBACKURL string(1-32)

    Web services callback URL (mutually exclusive with MAILTO). Exports destination URL.

  • COMPRESSION zip,gzip,bzip

    The compression method.


    Required and mutually exclusive with STARTDATE and ENDDATE. Day of data to be exported, formatted YYYY-MM-DD.

  • HASH string(64)

    The transaction’s hash as described in the dedicated section.

  • IDENTIFIER string(1-32)

    Your processing account technical identifier.

  • MAILTO email

    Web services callback email (mutually exclusive with CALLBACKURL).

  • OPERATIONTYPE exportReconciledTransactions

    The action you want to process.

  • VERSION 3.0

    The API protocol version.

  • COLUMNS string(

    Column list to be included in an export. (List of compatible columns)


    Account hierarchy to be exported.

  • TIMEZONE string(1-128)

    Timezone / default value : UTC. Please see the Data sheet dedicated list of available timezones.

Request result

Here is the request result from the platform:

  • OPERATIONTYPE exportReconciledTransactions

    The action you want to process.

  • EXECCODE string(4)

    The operation result code. (See the complete list of execution code)

  • MESSAGE string(no length limit)

    The operation result description linked to EXECCODE.